Advertisement and Promotion

Course Description: 

Advertisement is a process of making announcement of any commercial product or service through a public medium. It is the means to aware the consumers about the products and services that are available in the existing market. And, in this modern, media-dominated society, it plays an integral role in market place.

In the course ‘Advertisement and Promotion’ students can learn about the principles and significance of advertisement and sales promotion in business setting. The course covers topics such as selection of media, advertising and sales promotion appeals, means of testing effectiveness, etc. which enables students to demonstrate their understanding for making correct business decisions.

Individual, who study Advertisement and Promotion should be clear about the concept of advertisement and promotion, and should be able to discern advertising from promotional communication, by the end of the course.

Course Objectives: 

The course’s main aim is to provide students with knowledge of basic concepts and tools of advertising and promotion management in an attempt to develop the participants’ skill in making decision related to advertisement and promotion. Besides, the course helps students to…

  1. Explain the concept of target marketing.
  2. Develop an ability to select the right media.
  3. Acknowledge the importance of integrated marketing communications and its influence on brand equity.
  4. Understand marketing communication objectives and budget, and techniques to allocate media resources within a budget.
  5. Plan, manage and measure an advertising program.
  6. Develop appropriate strategies and tactics to direct marketing, indirect marketing, sales promotion, personal selling strategies and public relations.
  7. Comprehend the role of marketing communication consultants and service providers.
  8. Identify positive and negative effect of advertising on contemporary society.
Course Syllabus: 


  • Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Communication Process
  • Communication/Promotion Mix
  • Promotional Management
  • Advertising as a Tool of Communication/Promotion Mix
  • Classification of Advertising
  • Functions of Advertising
  • Corporate Advertising

The Advertising Business: Agencies and Clients

  • Advertisers (The Clients)
  • Advertising Agency: Role of Advertising Agency
  • Types of Agencies: Local, Regional and National, and International Agencies
  • Full Service Agencies
  • Specialized Service Agencies
  • Functions of Advertising Agency
    • Account Management
    • Research and Account Planning
    • Creative Concepts
    • Advertising Production
    • Media Planning and Buying
    • Traffic Management
    • Additional Services and Agency Administration
  • Organization/Structure of Advertising Agency
    • Departmental System
    • Group System
  • Advertising Agency Compensation
    • Media Commission
    • Markups
    • Fees
  • Client Agency Relationship
    • Making the Clients
    • Referrals
    • Presentations
    • Networking and Community Relations
    • Soliciting and Advertising for New Business
  • Factors Affecting Client-Agency Relationship
    • 4Cs
    • In-house Agency
    • Selection of an Advertising Agency

Crafting Marketing and Advertising Strategies

  • Marketing and Advertising Planning
    • Marketing Plan: Situation Analysis
    • Marketing Objectives
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Tactics
  • Advertising Plan
    • Reviewing Market Plan
    • Setting Advertising Objectives
    • Advertising Strategy
    • Creative Mix
  • Advertising Strategies
    • Target Audience
    • Product Concepts
    • Communication Media
    • Advertising Message
  • Advertising Budget and Methods of Allocating Budget
    • Percentage of Sales Method
    • Share of Market / Share of Voice Method
    • Objective / Task Method

Creating Advertisements and Commercials

  • Creative copy writing
  • Copy platform
  • Elements of message strategy
  • Creativity
  • Creative process
  • Principals of design
  • Designing Print Advertising
    • Use of Layouts and Visuals
    • Headlines
    • Subheads
    • Body Copy
    • Slogans
    • Seals
    • Logos and Signatures
    • Creative Arts
    • Layouts
    • Designs and Visuals

Planning Media Strategy

  • Role of Media in Marketing Framework
  • Defining Media Objectives: Audience Objectives and Message Distribution Objectives
  • Developing a Media Strategy: Media Mix
  • Elements of Media Mix: 5Ms
  • Factors Influencing Media Strategy Decisions
  • Media Tactics: Selecting and Scheduling Media Vehicles
  • Methods of Scheduling Media: Continuous, Flighting and Pulsing Schedules
  • Pros and cons
    • Print
    • Television
    • Radio
    • Digital Interactive
    • Direct Mail
    • Out-of-home
    • Exhibit
    • Supplementary Media

Evaluating Promotional Programs

  • Arguments For and Against Measuring Advertising Effectiveness
  • Brief Concepts of Pre-testing and Post-testing