A Leader can Change Everything

Very often, we ask ourselves “What can one person do?”, or “As an individual, what can I do?” But we do not take any initiatives because in the back of our minds, we always have a feeling that one person cannot make a difference. Just one person in the position of leadership can actually make a big difference (in the lives of those whom you are leading, whether they are your sub-ordinates or your followers or big difference to the environment in which you are functioning). So as a leader, you can actually make a big difference or we can say that “INDIVIDUALS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

Some of the remembered leaders who have made a huge difference in the life of people:

  1. Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Martin Luther King

Now you must be wondering how Hitler made a difference in the life of people or what was his contribution. Even though Hitler made negative contributions, he didn’t start out as the cruel dictator he’s famous as. At the end of the First World War, all the countries were brought together, conspired against Germany and crushed it. They all decided that this country should be never allowed to rise because it could be a danger for them. But it was Hitler who came up and said “We have been created to rule the world. So let us rise and rule the world!!” and he built Germany into a mighty power at the beginning of the Second World War. So the greatness of Hitler was that he lead a nation which was virtually destroyed.

A leader can have both positive and negative effect.

The second part of his life is where he went wrong. At the beginning of the Second World War, he converted himself into an absolute dictator and then he said “Now that we are mighty power, lets rule and capture the world!!”

So, What is Leadership?

Leadership is the process of persuading a group of people to work together towards achieving common goals.

Now if we look at this definition, what is the big challenge of being a leader?

The big challenge of a leader is persuading others to rise above their selfish interest and goals and work towards achieving common goals.