Human Resource Management

Types of Motivation

Motivation can be defined as the reason behind one’s behavior or action. Talking about employee motivation, it can be defined as the factor that arouses energy and desire in employee to be constantly interested in or committed to a job, in an attempt to attain to achieve desired result.

In general, motivation is of two types. They are

Training and Types of Training

Skilled workers are the key to smooth functioning and progress of any company. Therefore, skills and qualifications of an employee are carefully evaluated while they are being recruited.

Hiring potential employees can help the company to achieve the organizational goal to some extent but it will not be helpful in a long run. It is because business environment is dynamic in nature and it demands new skills to cope with the changes.

Strengths and Limitations of Interview

Interview is believed to be an important part of selection process by most of the employers. Researches have even shown that interview is included in 90% of the selection process that takes place worldwide.

Employers rely upon interview because it has various advantages. However, interview is not advantageous always. It also has various limitations. Here you can find both the strengths and the limitations of interview, described briefly.

Challenges and Issues in Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is adopted by many companies because of its benefits. But at the same time, various challenges and issues may emerge in front of managers of human resource department while performing their duties.

Any capable HR manager would work on these issues and challenges to prevent the organizational activities from being obstructed. But they must first identify these issues. Such issues and challenges are described here.