Selection and Hiring Process

Selection process ​ Selection is the process of choosing the most appropriate candidate from a pool of applicants for a particular job. The process of selection starts as soon as the recruitment process ends. During the process, prospective candidates are evaluated and systems are developed to ensure sound selection. For an organization to function smoothly, … Read more

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination refers to a situation where an employee or job applicant is treated unfavorably because of personal attributes such as Race Gender Sexual orientation Ethnicity Skin color Age Nationality Physical or mental disability Marital status Pregnancy or parenthood Religion Relationship to someone who may be discriminated against In addition to this, employees and job … Read more

Training and Types of Training

Skilled workers are the key to smooth functioning and progress of any company. Therefore, skills and qualifications of an employee are carefully evaluated while they are being recruited. Hiring potential employees can help the company to achieve the organizational goal to some extent but it will not be helpful in a long run. It is … Read more

Strengths and Limitations of Interview

An interview is believed to be an important part of the selection process by most of the employers. Researchers have even shown that interview is included in 90% of the selection process that takes place worldwide. Employers rely on the interview because it has various advantages. However, the interview is not advantageous always. It also … Read more

Steps Involved in Interview Process

An interview is a major tool for selection process which is set up by the employers to know in detail about the candidates. It is a formal verbal interaction between the employers and the prospective candidates which helps the employers in extracting as much information as possible about the candidate. An interview is set for … Read more

Steps Involved in Effective Recruitment Process

Simply speaking, it is a process of creating a pool of candidates interested to do certain job and choosing the best-qualified ones from within. Recruitment is an essential part of acquisition function of human resource management which can be defined as the process of searching for eligible candidate and encouraging them to apply for the … Read more

Purposes of Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is evaluating an employee’s current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standard. – Gary Dessler Performance appraisal is the systematic evaluation of employees with respect to their performance on their job and their potential for development. In other words, it is the process of measuring productivity in terms of efficiency … Read more

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Pregnancy discrimination refers to the unfair treatment of female workers because of pregnancy, childbirth, or any related medical condition. There are many cases of blatant discrimination against pregnant women because an employer doesn’t think she will be able to perform her job. However, pregnancy discrimination can also be subtle such as making one’s job redundant … Read more

Personnel Management v/s Human Resource Management

In an organization, a group of people (employers and employees) work together with a common motive i.e. to achieve their organizational goal, which is only possible when efforts of all the people in the organization are efficiently managed. There are two basic approaches that employers adopt to manage people or employee in their company. They … Read more

Performance Appraisal Methods

Performance appraisal is the technique of appraising employees. Under this method, performance of employees are at first documented then evaluated with the mutually set performance standards. Companies have been practicing various methods of appraising employee performance, among which some popular ones are described below. Essay method Comparative evaluation Rating Forced distribution method Forced choice method … Read more